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Peter Mair

Candidate for the Berlin House of Representatives

English: Willkommen


Schöneberg means a lot to me! I am passionate about our neighborhood. Do you have any suggestions, ideas or is something bothering you? Then write to me. I would also like to keep you up to date on my political work!

English: Willkommen

About Peter

I was born in Bavaria 41 years ago. I could see the mountains from my nursery. After graduating from high school, I studied politics, business administration and communication in Munich and completed my studies.

And then, 13 years ago, I went to Berlin. I was terribly excited and curious. But in the meantime I've arrived and live with my wife and our two little girls in Schöneberg. Berlin has become my home.

English: Biografie

What I stand for

English: Projekte

Strong economy

Our companies and their employees are facing major upheavals. Corona alone would be enough of a challenge. There are also major technological changes in all industries. Our companies in Berlin are innovative enough to master these challenges. But they need more political support.
That is why we need an economic policy not obstructing, but helping companies. I have been working in trade associations for over ten years. So I know how the economy works. I would like to bring this experience to bear in politics.

Traffic and mobility

We all feel that traffic in Berlin has to change. Too much traffic jams, bad air and noise. A public transport that nobody likes to ride with. Only few good bike paths. It cannot stay that way. That is why we want fewer cars in the city, better bike lanes and sidewalks, and more attractive buses and trains. Unfortunately, the red-red-green Senate promised a lot, but achieved little. I want to work to ensure that the traffic turnaround in Berlin is finally implemented. And that for everyone.

School and day care center

Education is the basis for a good future for our children. But according to studies, the Berlin education system is the worst in Germany. Our students and teachers do not deserve that. I would like to work to ensure that Berlin's pupils can learn properly at every school: in well-equipped rooms, with well-trained teachers and regardless of the income of their parents. Teachers in Berlin should be made civil servants again, as in all other federal states. If only to show that we value their work. As the father of small children, the daycare centers are also very important to me. More about school and daycare.

Safe neighborhood

We love the special feeling of freedom in Berlin and in Schöneberg - cosmopolitan, tolerant, colorful. For this to work, we need clear rules and we have to enforce them. When garbage is dumped on the side of the road, when sidewalks or parks get dirtier and dirtier and rule violations have no consequences, something starts to slide. That is why I want to strengthen those who make Berlin safer every day - from the police and judiciary to the fire brigade and disaster control. Because without security there is no freedom. More about security.

Climate protection

My children will live in the year 2100. I want them and everyone else to be able to live well on this planet 80 years from now. That is why I am committed to effective climate protection. The goal is clear: Berlin must become climate neutral. And it's a huge task. The Senate must therefore do a lot more than it has before. That is why I advocate an ambitious Berlin climate protection program. In it, the next government should specify exactly what we need to do in Berlin to protect the climate. And that must then be implemented.

My constituency

There are many beautiful corners of my constituency: the Bavarian Quarter, the Rote Insel, the Akazienkiez or the Crellestrasse. The Schöneberg Town Hall and the Gasometer are two special Schöneberg landmarks. Many innovative companies are driving the energy transition on the EUREF campus. From the Südkreuz, other major German cities can be reached quickly with the ICE. But why should we go there? ;-)

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